Located on a family farm in Gaithersburg, Elder Pine Brewing and Blending puts out classic style beers with a modern twist. In addition to brewing great beer, the folks at Elder Pine also blend their beers to fine-tune and achieve the perfect balance before they are released for our consumption. Lucky us!


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Location: 4200 Sundown Road, Gaithersburg, MD 20882

Co-founders: George, Paul, David, and Andrew. Two brewers and two brothers.

Birthday: 2018

Our Favorite Beer:

Velleinage: This is a table-strength saison (you can drink more than one and still stand up after your meal!) brewed with spelt malt and raw wheat then dry-hopped with Pacific Jade hops. What your left with is a Saison that is incredibly bright with lots of citrus and pleasant flavors of fresh grass.

Other Great Choices:

  • Skygazer: Double IPA hopped with Eureka! And Sultana.