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We love chatting about the local craft beer scene, this movement, and our community. We’re a young company with a lot of fun ideas that have not yet been rolled out. We are always happy to chat about where we’re going (our next project?) and what fun new ideas you may have to spread cheer (and of course, craft beer).

If you’d like to chat, please don’t hesitate to e-mail us at [email protected].

Meet the Team

Josh and Jen Bienstock - The OG Fairiez

Jen Bienstock

Craft beer is actually a relatively new passion of mine. As a native Detroiter and proud Michigander, Bell’s Brewery’s Oberon Wheat Ale was about the only craft beer that I drank (and really knew about at the time) and still enjoy today. It was not until I met my husband and fellow fairy, Josh, where my palette and love for craft beer blossomed. These days, kettle sours,wild ales, sour IPAs and goses are definitely my favorite but also really enjoy stouts and porters that have complex notes of chocolate, peanut butter and vanilla. When not acting as a fairy, I work as a psychologist with both children and adults. I am also a proud mom of two mini fairiez, Harper and Matthew who both keep me on my toes. During quarantine, it became a family project for the kids to do “arts and crafts” and help assemble the drops followed by a fun family car ride delivering to members of our community.

Josh Bienstock

I was first introduced to craft beer in college at Cornell University (of course this happened after I turned 21...). One of my fraternity brothers suggested I try Ithaca Brewing Co.’s Apricot Wheat. I was hooked. I’ve spent the next decade fine tuning my craft beer palate. When I started drinking craft beer, I only drank wheat beers and avoided any beer that had even a hint of darkness to it. A trip to South Carolina and Westbrook Brewing Co.’s Gose changed everything for me. These days you can find me drinking anything sour, year round. Barrel aged wild ales are my favorite. I’m also proud to say that I now love a good peanut butter or vanilla stout, and don’t run screaming into the night when I come across an interesting sounding dark beer. Progress. During the day, I work as a lawyer at a small general practice in Rockville. My wife, my kids, and my friends are my world. I am truly blessed.