Nothing describes this brewery better than the word gemütlicheit. If you ask them, they’ll tell you it’s a German word for that nebulous sense of camaraderie, coziness, and a sense of belonging one gets when enjoying time with good friends. Silver Branch Brewing Company has created a space in Silver Spring where one can experience a sense of community, while enjoying one of their MANY terrific beers.

Location: Downtown Silver Spring immediately adjacent to the Silver Spring red line metro stop.

Founders: Brett Robison and Christian Layke

Birthday: January 2017

Our Favorite Beer:

Glass Castle: Classic Czech pilsner.

Why we like it: There’s something incredibly satisfying about a simple, well done Pilsner. Many breweries may try and pass their knock-offs as a Pilsner, but few accomplish that delicate balance between bready malt and spicy/grassy hops.

Other Great Choices:

  • Anything from the Squeegee Master series!