The folks at True Respite sought to create an atmosphere and brew beer that are reminiscent of their name. They succeeded. Take a tour of their Rockville brewery, followed by a pint in their taproom and you’ll be sure to leave in a better frame of mind than you came in. Also, ask them about Biermi. These guys were part of a team that has made it easier for all of us to enjoy beer from the comfort of our homes. These guys are genius!

Location: 7301 Calhoun Place, Suite 600, Rockville, MD 20855

Co-Founders: Brendan, Bailey, and Kenny

Birthday: April 2018

Our Favorite Beer:

Scrum and Hooker: Nutty, malty, and just a hint of chocolate. This beer is a nice change of pace from all those Hazy IPAs and Sour Ales we love so much. Enjoy it year round!

Other Great Choices:

  • Forever Home: New England IPA whirlpool with Centennial & Mouteka, then double dry-hopped with Centennial, Mouteka & Citra. Part of their successful Inner Circle Series. One of our favorite things about this beer is the label! Each label features a dog that was rescued by a member of the brewery team. How cool!